Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday funnies

Howdy y'all,

Remember when we used to get the "funnies" with the newspaper every Sunday? Boy, I sure do. One of my favorite things to do growing up was to read the funnies. If you no comprende what I'm laying down, the "funnies" are the cartoons in the paper. You know, the old greats like Hagar the Horrible, Family Circus, Garfield, and who can forget Luann. I always cut out my favorite ones and kept them. I still love to read the funnies, but don't get to often because we don't get a Sunday paper. (Mental note: get a Sunday paper subscription). 

Well, here's something that should give a good chuckle the way those old funnies did. I've captured the meat of an email message I received yesterday and have it here for you to read and enjoy. Be sure to read the fine print; that's where the real laughs are at. 

Based on your industry status, you're exactly the kind of
top-level executive who should be reading every issue of
Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine.

The success of even the finest publication depends on
getting it into the hands of the audience it was meant to serve.
We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on all the latest
happenings in the world of commercial cleaning.

Simply click the Verify Button below to accept your 
FREE* introductory subscription to 
Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine. 

Ain't that a hoot? I mean, seriously. I wasn't aware the cleaning industry knew of my status. I'm fairly certain that if they knew of my cleaning status, they would be well aware that I am nowhere NEAR a top-level executive in terms of cleaning and maintaining my home. I am functioning somewhere near apprentice or assistant to the secretary at best. 

I love it! It's so laughable it's not even funny. Wait ... is that an oxymoron? Anywho, as I was out trolling the local Big Lots today, I came across something to aid me in furthering my skills as a top-level cleaning executive. 

By the way, am I the only one who loves Big Lots? I mean, yes, there is a lot of junk there and sometimes questionable people, but, at times, there are such good deals. Real diamonds in the rough, so to speak. Like a Z Gallerie-esque picture frame for $5. I like nice, but I like cheap. Those two meet sometimes at Big Lots and when I'm there to witness the meeting, I'm all over it like hen crap on a steel pump handle (props to my buddy Lee for coming up with that jewel). I digress ... 

Wanna know what I got at Big Lots to help me work my way up the corporate cleaning ladder? Here she is:  

Yep, it's a leopard-print mop. Hey, if I've got to mop, I might as well be stylish while I do it, right? This will fit neatly alongside my leopard-print dishwashing brush. I see a trend starting here, and mama likey. I just happened to need a new mop and they just happened  to have this purdy gal, so there we go. I can't resist leopard print. I'm pretty sure I'll be the old lady wearing leopard print in the mall with everyone gawking, saying, "Doesn't she know she's too old to be wearing that?" 

Now mopping can be a *little* more fun (OK, so it doesn't even register on the fun meter), but at least I will enjoy pulling my cute mop out before I groan about using it. Maybe I'll become President & CEO of Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine before long. It's not a far stretch; I was an editor in my former life. Watch out world, here I come! 

God bless,
Miss K


  1. LOVE the mop! And I definitely remember the funnies!

  2. Isn't it fun? Too bad it won't do the mopping for me. That would be the ultimate! :p