Saturday, July 24, 2010

A handful of randomness for your Saturday

When Mama has free time, Mama's mind strays. I like to think of it as constructive, but it hardly ever is. Here's what's been on my mind today. Enjoy!

First, I want to do a special posting on Saturdays called "Saturday Song Lyric" or something totally boring like that. Music is my second passion next to dance. I guess that makes sense since they go hand in hand, kinda like pb & j. I've always been deeply affected by music, and I tend to pick favorite lyrics (a verse, a couple of lines, a chorus, etc.) out of my very favorite songs that stick with me. They almost become some of life's mottos for me. So, here's my first Saturday Song Lyric:

"Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been."~From Jimmy Buffett's "Barefoot Children in the Rain"

I love this line so much. I think about it whenever I look at my son and think of all the joy he brings and will bring to my life, when I look at my husband and remember how lucky I am to have found my true soulmate, and when I look at my face in the mirror, which, by the way, is not getting any younger. I consider every wrinkle that is and is to come a rite of passage, so to speak, of a life well lived and well laughed. God is so very good, and life is beautiful. :)

Second, I just realized today that I think Justin Timberlake tapped into his inner SAHM when he decided to bring "sexy back." Seriously. I mean, once you have a child, you're tore up from the floor up. It baffles me when people say to a recently crowned mom, "Motherhood suits you." It's like saying, "You know, most people can't pull off under-eye bags, cankles, and a uterus the size of a watermelon, but you do, girl. Get it." It's a sweet sentiment, but knock off the niceties. 

So, with that said, moms, and specifically those who stay at home, pretty much lose their "sexy." Not that I blame us; who even has time to think about their "sexy" when they've just had a baby? 

But, I do think there's a point where we wake up and smell the breast milk (or formula) and say, "WHAT happened to me?" "Where did my boobs go?" "Where did my butt go?" "Who bought me this wardrobe full of stretchy pants and spit-up stained T-shirts?" UGH! 

It make take some of us two months, others it may take two years or even longer. I'm at the 2.5 year mark, and I'm finally questioning where in the heck my "sexy" went. Did you take it? Did I loan it to a chick down the street who's a newlywed? I don't know where it is, but I gotta find it. And fast ... Did I mention I'm not getting any younger? 

I'm rounding up a posse of mommies who want their "sexy" back, so if you want in, let me know. ;) It's good for us. Our husbands need us to feel good about ourselves. WE need to feel good about ourselves. Stretchy pants and XL Ts are only comfy for so long ... It ain't funny when we start filling them out! 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to end up like this!

Finally, since I realize I'm rambling, I've got some free time, so I'm going to sit down and watch a movie. In preparation for the August 6 release date of Step Up 3D, I'm watching Step Up 2: The Streets to get caught up. Yeah, I'm a dance nerd like that. I fully plan to see Step Up 3D in nothing else than 3D, of course. They're making history, baby! :p 

I am sad that I don't get to spend the evening with this guy though, as his career is way too advanced to do a sequel to a dance movie. He has some mad moves though. Respect. 

Now I'm off to live vicariously through the dancers in Step Up 2: The Streets. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If my life were a movie ...

It would definitely be a comedy! I mean, I sometimes wonder how absurd things always seem to happen to me. It's like I'm on God's Candid Camera half the time; I can just see Him up there chuckling away about the happenings in my life. 

There are times I wish I had a video, too, so I could look back and have a good laugh myself. Take, for instance, today. Being a nice mommy (or trying to be anyway), I took my toddler to meet some of our friends at a free movie. You'd think after a free movie and a half a box of Raisinets, the kid would be bowing at my feet. But, no ...

We are in the bathroom going potty ("we" meaning "me") and the little turd hauls off and kicks me in the shin pretty hard. (Yes, I just said "potty" and "turd" in the same sentence, then realized my negligence. Sometimes I crack myself up.) Then, he proceeds to say, "I kick you." Yeah, no crap, Sherlock. 

I was quite miffed, to say the least, so he was reprimanded, he apologized, and on we went. In the meantime, another toddler mom who could hear my strife as I begged him not to open the bathroom door while I was in a varied state of dress decides to help me by holding the door shut. All the while, I am pushing on it to get out and she's holding me in. I end up saying "Excuse me" because I think it's a kid and am taken aback and quite embarrassed when I see it's a fellow mom. I hang my head and rush through hand-washing in hopes of leaving the scene ASAP and having her not remember me, as the same crowd seems to hit the free movies on a weekly basis. 

 In describing it to my fellow toddler warrior moms, I realized how absurd the whole thing sounded. Boy, that video would be really funny right about now. I probably turned about 10 different shades of red through the entire scene, which was so utterly ridiculous. 

Welcome to my life! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Goal in Life

I want to be able to eat this:

*For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it's the Claim Jumper chocolate motherlode cake, which is six layers (yes, I said SIX) of chocolaty, ooey gooey goodness.

And I want to look like this:

Is that too much to ask? 

Seriously, if anyone finds the magic pill that will allow me to eat what I want and be ripped, sign me up. I'll bite. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double beatloaf ...

Thought for the day: 

Don't let your meat loaf.

I've been so lazy this week, I'm annoying myself. I had an ex who used to say this to me all the time, and I just thought it was hilarious. My lazy week has reminded me that I may be letting my meat loaf, which is so not cool.

I chose to use poor Meat Loaf in place of actual meatloaf because I am rather fond of meatloaf, especially the turkey version. Mmmm. 

Sorry, Meat Loaf. Guess you shouldn't have named yourself after food. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No me gusta earthquakes

Translated: I do not like earthquakes. I actual abhor them. I am such a paranoid person by nature, and earthquakes only serve to remind me that I really have no idea what's actually ever going on in this crazy world of ours, and that I have absolutely NO control. 

We had a jolting little shaker late this afternoon, and it was enough to get my heart rate to aerobic speed in a matter of milliseconds. Take that, Denise Austin! Before I knew it, I had my kid in arms and was rushing to the bathroom doorway faster than Harry in Dumb and Dumber! Meanwhile, my husband is in the living room gently telling me that the pool water is moving a bit. Who cares? All I can think about is the beautiful boy in my arms and how quickly life can change in the blink of an eye. 

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a bit on the dramatic side, and everyone who knows me can attest to it. It really wasn't a big quake, and most people were bored, or dare I say it, entertained by it. Who are these crazies? I digress ...

The earthquake did remind me of two very important principles though, for which I am grateful. The first one being that God is in control. He knows everything that's going on, and he is watching over us. He is protecting us and will not give us more than we can handle. Try as I may, I cannot control the universe any more than I can ride a unicycle. It's just not possible. I am reminded of God's bigness and His power through events like this. His control and power are comforting; I rest easily in this reminder. 

The second reminder is that life is precious. As I sat there afterward, watching the news recap, I had my son on my lap. He was eating a cereal bar, totally unaware that anything had happened. He actually chuckled when I swept him up and took off sprinting down the hallway. I guess he thought it was a game. What a blessing childhood innocence is! I looked down at him and realized that I do not know how long I have with my boy. Tears well up in my eyes as I even write this. I don't know the number of his days or mine, so I must do my best to cherish each and every one of them. Every day, every hour, every second, for tomorrow is not promised. 

I instantly forgot how frustrated I was with him just a few short hours ago because he refused to take a nap so I could work on our bills. I felt so guilty for that frustration because he is the sweetest diversion in my life, and if he takes more attention than the house, the bills, the chores, so be it. I am his mom, and raising him is my job. Sure, I will have to do all those other things, but he comes first. I need to be in every moment, listening, caring, loving, nurturing, guiding, teaching, leading, exemplifying, and edifying. These important traits are all too often lost on my eternal to-do list. 

What would I do if my heavenly Father replied to any of my numerous queries with, "Not now, my child, I'm busy with something else"? I would be hurt; perhaps I'd feel alone. I don't want my child to feel that way. I want him to know I'm always here for him to count on. I want to be present in every moment.

I'm thanking God right now for His reminder to be present and alert. I needed it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm still here!

Just wanted to let the handful of people who are actually keeping up with this blog know that I am still here! ;) We're back from vacay and my little mind is swimming with blog topics. I plan to blog to my heart's content as soon as I get the suitcases unpacked, the checkbook done, the mountain of laundry cleaned and put away, and anything else that my little Tasmanian devil decides to throw in my path accomplished. 

I had so many thoughts, inspirations, and questions during our trip that I can't wait to flesh them out on my blog. I guess a week or so away can really allow your brain to be utilized beyond the usual blah-blah thoughts of what's to eat, whether there's a dirty diaper to be changed, and why Max and Ruby have no stinkin' parents. 

I am sad that I missed blogging about July 4 because our country is so dear to my heart. I may just go back and do a belated 4th of July post just to be able to post a picture of old glory waving beautifully on my blog. It is one of my favorite sights to behold! 

Stay tuned! 

God bless,
Miss K