Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eating plan update and ramblings

I'm right about halfway through my 30-day trial of the new eating plan. As most things go with me, I can feel that I'm losing steam. I was very dedicated and disciplined the first week. That was until we went camping that weekend and ended up eating pizza twice. Yes, twice! Ugh! Just call me Fatty Arbuckle. I learned a valuable lesson from that indulgence though. 

I had a couple of days of withdrawal at the beginning of the eating plan. My body was adjusting to missing out on all the carbs and sugar it was used to. I'm not going to lie. It was rough! By Wednesday afternoon though, I was feeling better than usual and the week continued on a high note. I felt a marked improvement in my energy and didn't have to take even one single Tum (which I typically live on most nights of the week). Then I had pizza. When the carbs came back, so did the indigestion, restless sleep, and lethargic mornings. 

I have since been fairly strict, only waffling here and there to accommodate cravings or eating out with friends and family. I'm happy to say that, even after I indulge in one of my "forbidden" foods, it's typically not satisfying me the way it used to and I'm craving something natural to almost cleanse my palate (typically fruit). I am finding much satisfaction in the convenience foods God gave us instead of in the convenience foods Little Debbie gives us. 

I'm pressing onward despite the fact that I haven't adhered totally to the plan as required, which is a huge step for me. Typically, I would feel as if I had failed and just quit. Instead, I am trying to make this a lifestyle change. It's just not feasible to say I'll never eat out again, or I'll never have cheese again. But, it is feasible to say that I will only do those things and the others that contribute to my PCOS sparingly. 

I will pass on a yummy recipe I made this last week in my search for a "dessert" that wasn't dairy, didn't have too much sugar, and was practically natural and clean as possible. Enter Watermelon Granita by the lovely Pioneer Woman. If PW doesn't ring a bell, please do yourself a favor and check out her site. Great recipes, funny posts, and awesome giveaways! 

I've wanted to make watermelon granita for a couple of years now, but thought it seemed like too much work. Until I saw PW's post. I made haste and got that granita going in about 20 minutes, which is saying something 'cause I'm slow as molasses in the kitchen. My little monster helped me make it, all the while saying, "I will NOT eat that!" 

Fast-forward five hours and he was sitting cheerily in front of the tele with a big bowl of watermelon granita. He forgot all about those silly watermelons; this was just a cool popsicle of sorts. Feed it to your fruit-challenged kids, I promise they'll like it if my kid did. 

Two more things to add to this long post (I'll be brief): 

If you like cherries, get yourself one of these. It's called the Cherry Chomper, and you can get one via various websites for between $8 and $10. It's super fun to use, kid friendly, and encourages gorging on mass quantities of cherries, which I'm all for! 

Are you still praying for our buddy Tripp? Please remember him in your prayers each day. He's not doing any better. Still about the same, heavily sedated and in pain when he's awake. It breaks my heart to see that he hasn't turned a corner yet, but I know God can and does work miracles. Tripp is a fighter and is more of an inspiration than I can ever hope to be. Please pray for God's will in his life and for strength and peace for his parents as they live out God's will for their precious little boy. 

That's all. Gosh, writing about Tripp at the end here kind of makes all the stuff above it seem like fluff, just not important. I feel so useless not doing anything but praying. However, prayer is precisely what God wants from us in times like these. I'm grateful to Tripp for keeping me in closer communion with my Lord. 

God bless,
Miss K


  1. That cherry chomper looks so cool! I bought some cherries, but we haven't eaten many of them because of the seeds. I'll check it out!

  2. i need a cherry chomper. pronto.

    praying for tripp! xo