Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pondering a new direction for this poor, unattended to blog

Hello there (assuming there are any readers left of this pitiful little blog),

I haven't blogged in a coon's age. Truthfully, I've been wrestling with the time, purpose, direction, etc. of this little ol' blog. I've felt guilty for wanting to put time into it when there are so many other things worthy of my attention, unsure if this is what God wants for me at this stage in my life, not comfortable/satisfied with the direction/focus of the blog, so I've just been ignoring it. It's like that huge pile of laundry that assaults your sense of smell and personal space when you step foot in your laundry room, so you just shut the door and pretend it isn't there. But it nags at you, calling you to just work on it so you can keep up. 

Thus, this blog is nagging me. It's telling me to poo or get off the pot. Seriously. Sorry for the crassness, but that's all I can think of as an equivalent due to my fourth grade boy sense of humor.

I don't want to abandon this blog altogether. I think as a writer it's therapeutic for me, and I hope that people who read it (people probably insinuates more in number than actual) will get something worthwhile and encouraging from it. 

With that said, I don't know if other bloggers feel this way, but I am insanely uncomfortable just putting my whole life out there on this blog for anyone in the world to see. Sorry, I've watched too much 48 Hours Mystery and To Catch a Predator if you get my drift. I'm a wee bit paranoid (OK, more than a wee bit, much more like obsessively) about my personal space being invaded. I have no problem baring my soul for all to see, but I can't stomach putting pictures, facts, etc. about my family just out there to float in the Webosphere where anyone can visit, follow, troll, stalk, etc. PLEASE note that I am not in any way judging those bloggers who do so. I think it's fantastic and wish I had that kind of personal security.

So, what's a blogger to do? I've been toying with other ideas for the site. I've been thinking more about what I'm passionate about in life and what I desire to share with others to make their lives easier and better. I don't feel like showing readers the latest video of my kid singing his ABCs (albeit super cute) is necessarily something that's going to enhance their daily lives. Maybe I'm wrong, but my gut says so, so I'm going with that. I sincerely feel that God is calling me to redirect the blog to something more helpful and purposeful.

I'm thinking of creating tabs and allowing readers to skim the site for things they want to read and not assaulting their brains with my sometimes mindless drivel or stream of consciousness randomness. Although the stream of consciousness is likely to continue because that's just a part of me. ;) 

I've become really passionate lately about having a natural home. What in the world does that mean? It means no chemicals in our home, in our food, or in our atmosphere (at least in as much as we can control it). I'd love to share bits and pieces I've found to make natural, organic living easier and more affordable for the everyday family. You know, recipes, coupons, ideas, articles, information, and all the good stuff I can find to encourage us to all make the best decisions for our families. 

It won't be limited to this type of material, but I would like to repurpose and refocus this blog so it's worth more than a free therapy session por moi. I'm curious to know if this kind of material appeals to any of the readers. Perhaps I can then stop assaulting all of my Facebook friends with my unsolicited pleas to buy organic produce and stop abuse of people, animals, the environment, etc. Who knew I was a closet philanthropist all this time?

If this sounds of interest to you, won't you drop me a line or a comment to let me know you'll be along for the ride? 

God bless,
Miss K

P.S. I'm thinking this may include a complete redesign of the site and possible new title for the blog. Exciting!