Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spiritual marinade ~ Anger

In the Jonah Bible study I talked about in this post, I have been beyond blessed. Really. That sounds trite, but God has revealed much to me through this study and that I have SO much more to learn.

The final day of our study dealt partly with anger. Jonah is angry at God for changing his course and not demolishing the Ninevites. God gives Jonah (and all of us) a life verse at this point:

"Do you have good reason to be angry?" Jonah 4:4

Wow! I want to put this verse on a loop in my head so I can instantly replay it every single time I get frustrated and/or my ire gets up. Chances are, the resounding answer most times will be "No." 

Priscilla Shirer's teaching on this subject brought me to a very pointed question. Something I like to term a "spiritual marinade" because it truly is something we should ponder, let sink in, and then learn from. You know, let it marinate in you. Here it is:

We get angry at people and stay angry because we expect them to be here tomorrow. We take for granted that they will be around long enough for our grudge to hold out, for them to realize what they did wrong (according to us), or for us to have enough time to finally forgive them. If we are believers, we know that tomorrow is not promised for any man. None of us knows the time we have left on this Earth, only God does. 

So, supposing we knew they wouldn't be here tomorrow (if we could know), would we still hang on to that anger? Would it be THAT important? 

I know what I would do, or rather, what I should do. For I don't know the count of anyone's days; there is always the chance that someone you see today will not be here tomorrow. What would you do? 

Marinate on it. 

God bless,
Miss K

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