Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deep Thoughts from a Toddler Mind

As my little man grows and discovers his vocabulary, his personality is really beginning to shine through. I just have to share a few of the things he's said recently that should give a good, hearty belly laugh. I also want to document these things so I can one day use them as blackmail when the appropriate situation arises. ;) 

This morning, as we woke up (yes, he goes to sleep in his own bed but somehow ends up in mine every morning), we were having our typical few minutes of snuggle time. They usually consist of him coaxing me out of bed because I'm a night person and have typically not had enough sleep due to working/playing/Facebooking into the wee hours of the morning. But, I digress ... 

I asked him for my usual first morning hug and kiss, and  he promptly said "Shoo!" upon reaching over to hug me. He then told me, "Mama, you have macaroni and cheese in your mouth! That's SO gross!" Yes, ladies and gents, this was my little creative man's way of telling me I had bad breath. I just about laughed my head off! It might make more sense if I tell you that this is the only kid in the universe (I think) that won't touch macaroni and cheese with a ten-foot pole. He'd rather eat his toenails than try mac-n-cheese. Seriously. So he was thinkin' there was some real stinkin' going on in my mouth. 

A few days ago, he had a similar spurt. We were at a playdate with friends and he had gotten into trouble for taking a toy from one of his little buddies. As I was prodding him to apologize to his friend, he looked at his friend and said, "Sorry, crazy." Needless to say, both of the mommies involved had to turn our heads to keep from cracking the whole "lesson" in two with our giggles. 

Tonight, he told me "I do it ALL BY MYSELF" when I told him it was time to go brush his teeth. In turn, I replied with my best neck roll with one finger up in the air, "Well, excu-u-use me! Mr. 2.5 going on 14!" He thought this was hilarious and giggled ferociously. Then he asked me to do it five more times. Which I did. Because I can't get enough of this kid's giggles. Ever. 

As he nears the ripe old age of 3, he seems to have it all figured out. He may not have it ALL figured out, but one thing he's pegged for sure: he has us wrapped so tightly around his little finger. At times, I have to stop myself because I hang on his every word. I can only imagine what words are to come as he continues to grow and learn. 

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