Monday, October 11, 2010

It sure is nice to just be the woman with you

The Mister and I ventured off on a little holiday in San Diego this past weekend. It was much needed, and cherished. Our little Jerry Lewis in the making was safely at home with his Nana, being spoiled rotten (which I'm not even sure can happen, seeing as the boy's so rotten now he reeks of 12-day-old, hard-boiled eggs). Nonetheless, you can pretty much assume that if Nana's around, the hubs and I are sneaking off for at least a night out, and more if we can get by with it. 

Since we love California and exploring all the nooks and crannies of our wonderfully beautiful state, we headed down to Shelter Island in San Diego. It's a quaint little place off Point Loma. If you're local and have never been there, you should check it out. San Diego is one of my favorite places in California, and this area was like a fun little undiscovered treasure for these two kids. I'll post some pics soon.

We got to eat some great food, have some even better wine, take walks, take naps, do some Latin dancing, and catch up with a good friend. Then, we headed back up to the LBC on Saturday to hit up a little Oktoberfest shindig with a group of friends, which was just the kind of laid-back evening we needed to end our excursion. All in all, it was just what we needed. 

Of all the fun, food, and frivolity experienced, my favorite part of the trip was just getting time to be my husband's girl again. I didn't have to play chef, medic, chauffeur, therapist, nothing. I just got to be me for a while. We just got to be US, and I realized how important it is that we do that from time to time. 

I need time to gaze into my husband's eyes and see that young man I fell in love with more than 17 years ago. We need to dance together like we used to, like it was just us and no one else in the world existed. 

We got to do that in our time away. It was such a blessed reminder from God that He gave me my soulmate  and I should be thankful every day for that wonderful gift. 

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  1. Sean and I have also known each other 17 years. I loved him the minute I met him, just turning 14. It's so rare to meet someone else that has a similar story, that is our age. I love it! ;)