Thursday, November 24, 2011

A heart of thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! In true night-owl form, I am up late enough to usher in the first moments of Thanksgiving 2011. 

I'm up, but not because I'm frantically running around scrambling to clean my house and get a menu ready. I'm just up toodling around, getting some things ready for tomorrow, mostly because I'm like a little kid and can't sleep when a gathering or something exciting is about to happen. 

As I was cleaning earlier in preparation to host my in-laws tomorrow, I felt abnormally relaxed. Usually, I would be bouncing off the walls, shouting demands like a drill sergeant, and tending to every nook and cranny of my home in hopes of achieving the "perfect" Thanksgiving.

But not tonight. I stopped while wiping down a dining room chair and thought, "Hmm, wonder why I feel so relaxed? Why, I don't feel stressed at all." 

Then it hit me. I realized that Thanksgiving (or any gathering, for that matter) is not about how clean my house is or how wonderful my meal turns out. It's about the love that is going to fill my home, reverberating off the walls and easing the souls that are contained within. 

We are going to eat. Oh, good Lord, yes, we will eat! We are going to fellowship. We are going to share laughs, hugs, and full tummies all around. 

Do I care if my floor's so clean my guests can eat off of it? No way.

Do I care if my guests feel loved and cared for while they are visiting my home? Absolutely. 

That will be the perfect Thanksgiving. 

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

God bless,

Miss K

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