Thursday, November 4, 2010

Procrastinating putting pen to paper for purposeful prose

Thankful on Paper officially began yesterday. I was supposed to write a letter to one person I love in my life telling them how grateful I am for them and why. Let me be honest with you. I have not written my letter. Yet. However, I am going to (either tonight or tomorrow morning). 

When I decided at the eleventh hour to participate in Thankful on Paper, I immediately began obsessing over how I was going to whittle it down to only four people in my life. Who would I choose? Would anyone be offended if they weren't included? In true Miss K fashion, I have over-analyzed this task and picked it apart to a point where I've almost sucked the joy out of even doing it. I tell you, sometimes it's downright painful to be in my head. 

Alas, I've since worked myself back out of my overly analytical tizzy and settled on starting at the beginning, with those who created me: my parents. I'll call them "Ma" and "Pa" to protect the innocent. ;) Yes, I chose two people because I couldn't thank one without thanking the other. They both raised me to be the woman I am today. And I like to color outside the lines just a little bit, so two instead of one satisfies my rebellious streak. 

Here's what I will say to my dear Ma and Pa:

Thank you for, at the ripe young age of 18, deciding you loved me enough to keep me. You could've taken many other avenues, but you didn't. You chose me. You chose to start a family, to be responsible, and to settle down. Without that choice, I surely wouldn't be here. 

My gratitude for you grows as I get older. It's been heightened since I became a mother and can now see through your eyes a little more clearly. A short, and not nearly complete, list of my gratitude follows:

~ Working tirelessly through the years to give us a home and everything we wanted
~ Establishing and maintaining a close family connection that never wavered as we toured the States (and then some) as a military family
~ ALWAYS supporting me in my endeavors, no matter how outlandish or short-lived
~ Teaching me manners and the difference between right and wrong
~ Nurturing and developing our relationship with extended family, no matter the distance between us all
~ Passing on a love of literature and poetry (Ma) :)
~ Passing on a love of classic rock and cars (Pa) :)
~ Giving me my twin brothers, who I first thought wrecked my world, but now realize sweeten my world
~ Loving my husband like he's your own son
~ Loving and spoiling my son like only wonderful grandparents can 
~ Loving me unconditionally despite all my thorns, which are many and sharp at times

Lastly, and most importantly, thank you for giving me the genes of really, really ridiculously good-looking people. ;) In all seriousness, thank you for giving me a strong sense of humor, without which I would've surely shriveled up and died at least a few times in my life. 

I love you both to the ends of the Earth, and thank the Lord for you. 


  1. What a wonderful and message of thanks - and thanks so much for sharing :-)

  2. This is precious! Thanks you for sharing :)