Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Move over bacon, there's something leaner ...

Dear Healthy Choice,

You may not know me, but I am an avid dieter (much to my disdain), so I have sampled several of your wares in my lifetime. I've enjoyed some and loathed some, but never had the experience I did today.

I tried your cheese tortellini soup for lunch today for the first time. It looks something like this:

It sounded delicious and it's only two Weight Watchers points. The taste was not bad.  A little bland, but OK for a "healthy" soup. So, what's my problem? 

There were FOUR little tortellini in it. Yes, FOUR. I ate less tortellini than I have fingers on one hand. Sad. 

What's the point of making this a healthy choice for a meal if it's not even enough to make a dent in someone's appetite? It kind of defeats the purpose if I have to go make a sandwich AFTER I eat my cheese tortellini soup just to be satiated. 

Don't you people know not to mess with dieters? We're already food-deprived; you never know what we'll do. 

Might I suggest you re-brand this as an appetizer? Or, better yet, put it in a can where you'll up the ante to *gasp* EIGHT tortellini? 

This is one Healthy Choice I won't be making in the future.

Good day, 

Miss K

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