Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm still here!

Just wanted to let the handful of people who are actually keeping up with this blog know that I am still here! ;) We're back from vacay and my little mind is swimming with blog topics. I plan to blog to my heart's content as soon as I get the suitcases unpacked, the checkbook done, the mountain of laundry cleaned and put away, and anything else that my little Tasmanian devil decides to throw in my path accomplished. 

I had so many thoughts, inspirations, and questions during our trip that I can't wait to flesh them out on my blog. I guess a week or so away can really allow your brain to be utilized beyond the usual blah-blah thoughts of what's to eat, whether there's a dirty diaper to be changed, and why Max and Ruby have no stinkin' parents. 

I am sad that I missed blogging about July 4 because our country is so dear to my heart. I may just go back and do a belated 4th of July post just to be able to post a picture of old glory waving beautifully on my blog. It is one of my favorite sights to behold! 

Stay tuned! 

God bless,
Miss K

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