Friday, September 16, 2011

I've got the joy, joy, joy ... where?

Down in my heart? Do I?

Joy. Hmm. Why, as a Christian woman, is that a tough subject to write on? 

I think it's because I feel like I yearn for it. It's not as if I have no joy at all; it's just that I desire a consistent joy. 

Sure, my days are sprinkled with moments of joy. Watching my little guy sleep or learn something new, baking something amazing, reading words or listening to music that captures my soul. I find many sprinklings of joy in my days. 

It's the in between time that I'm concerned about. The moments that come all too frequently where I completely and utterly forget about all that is to be joyful about in my life and give in to the enemy's temptation to be angry and bitter. Over stupid things. Miniscule things. Things that don't even matter. 

I tend to let situations dictate my mood. Steal my joy. Inconveniences. Hurt feelings. Things that were said in error. Why? 

I want to be in a consistently joyful state. On a day to day basis. Because I should be. There are not many things not going right for me in my life. I can create drama where it's not or I can choose to relish in what I have that's right ... that promotes joy.

This topic is difficult. More often than not, I feel overwhelmed by life and not entirely joyful for all the Lord's given me. Isn't that selfish? 

I think it starts with more prayer. More heart to hearts with God. He knows all of what I'm feeling, so why do I try to pretend He doesn't? I'm going to start working on consistent joy.

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  1. This is encouraging to me. I struggle with joy too. (Who doesn't?) Also I find your blog very cute. (And I like your about me description.)

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad it spoke to you and I thank you for visiting my little old blog! :)