Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Minute Friday ... Go!

This edition of Five Minute Friday is On Friends

Giddy up!

Friends. Wow. A loaded word for me. A tough one. 

I can safely say at nearly 35 years old, I may be finally figuring out how to be a friend. I blame it on my being reared as a military brat. Moving every few years gives you a sense of less attachment, less responsibility to people because, I mean, what's the likelihood you'll ever see them again once your dad gets restationed? 

So, now that we've been putting down roots in our community for seven years and we've come full circle to pretty close to the area we went to high school, I'm learning to make friends and how to be friends. Sad, huh? I'm getting a slow start. I am socially inept. 

However, I finally surrendered the desire of my heart to the Lord. I called on him and acknowledged with my words that I desperately needed REAL friends. In that moment, things began to change. I think He was just waiting for me to speak the truth and speak my desire to him, not just wallow in it and wait for Him to make it happen for me. 

Recognition is powerful. So, now, at the tender, young age I am, connections are being made that have great promise, old connections are being strengthened. I'm seeing friends for who they are and what they mean to me. I'm seeing that you live through ups and downs, mood swings, dirty diapers and dishes, and you learn to love one another for what you've got. No expectations, just reality. We all have our faults. My friends accept mine, so I need to accept theirs. 


Phew! Five minutes goes fast, but boy is it worth it. Why don't you join me next Friday to see what's in store? 

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  1. I was about the same age when I prayed for God's help in finding a friend. He answered and I am so blessed. Enjoyed reading your blog.